Friday, 15 February 2008

Eastleigh Gala Weekend 9th & 10th Feb

Results were mixed at this competition, the first of the new format gala weekends, with some excellent and some poor but the prospects seem bright for the rest of the year.

Hannah McCann and Anthony Williams, both competed in the grade 2 competition. Hannah came away a convincing winner and qualified to National C (for next year) and the National Finals (for this year). Anthony also qualified for National C.

Scott Gregory, Stephen Page, Gemma Phillips & Natasha Holme all competed in the grade 1 competition. Scott (2nd place) & Stephen (6th) excelled, both qualifying for FIG B and National Finals whilst Gemma and Natasha had a tough day.

Pictured are Gemma & Scott in their new competition leotards and, below, Hannah with her trophy at Eastleigh.

You can read the full competition report and scores
here and the associated press release here.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

New BG Competition Routines

BG's Trampoline Technical Committee has now announced the routines that will be used for all grades from September onwards. These are required for the new structure previously announced (details here) and the routines can be seen on our website here.

These routines will be completed by all ages and competitions are likely to be split into only two age groups - over-15 and under-15.
With grades 6 & 7 being replaced by club grades H & I, these routines include no somersault and restrictions on the number of body landings or somersaults in a voluntary (which will not be tariffed).

The first regional grade (G) introduces two set routines, either of which can be competed, and somewhat more difficulty than current grade 5's might experience. For voluntary this grade also has restrictions on how many somersaults and body landings but with no tariff being awarded.

Regional F also has two set routines to chose from and less restrictions although, for the first time, tariff will be awarded. From Regional D upwards the set routine is based on a set of rules against which competitors will develop their own set.