Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Branded Club Clothing now online

ProKit UK webpage with Brentwood trampoline branded clothing

Our new range of club clothing (apart from leotards etc...) can now be ordered online from local company ProKitUK.  Based in Harold Wood they also welcome visitors wanting to check sizes etc... although it should be noted that embroidered items can take up to a week to order.  Visit their site through our club's webpage.

There is also a small amount of older style (still great quality) kit instock which we wil shortly be putting on sale for a discount.  Please watch this space.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ipswich Grading - 21st April 2013

First trophy of the day presented
by the Chair of Trampoline East
Quite a lot of successes today but, as ever, unfortunately with a few disappointments as well.

The day started with Katie, Tegan & Livi in the U15 E comp with Livi taking 3rd individual and a qualification to D and, together, the 3 winning the team prize.  Next up was Eitan in the U13 D, winning by a clear margin he also qualified to Nat C by a country mile - an extra statistic is that he also had the highest form and combined scores in each round of the entire competition.

Mia & Zara followed shortly afterwards in the U13 F and saw Zara winning by a whole mark over the 2nd placed but Mia, unfortunately, losing her way in her set routine but then performing a clean vol.  Emma Heptinstall, also competing on the qualification starved panel 1 at the same time but in the U15 F was in first place after the set but then tied in 1st place after the vol and was placed 2nd on tie-break.

Competing shortly afterwards were Niki and Monica in the O19 & U17 D respectively.  Niki wasn't expecting to qualify and was not surprised although, had she switched the order of her vol and final performances she would have been, she did, however, take 1st place!  Monica, in 3rd after the set performed a great vol to take the lead and meet both qualifying requirements to progress to Nat C - the final didn't see her displaced from the lead so another win!

The final 3 were all on at the same time competing in 3 groups and on two panels, Chris in O15 E, Becky in O17 E and Charlotte in U13 E.  Focussing on qualifying, Chris fell short of his target score in the set and so threw caution to the winds in his vol but whilst retaining 2nd place couldn't bridge the gap.  Becky also had a disappointing set leaving her in last place but a much more confident performance in the vol saw her pull up just short of a medal place in 4th place.  Charlotte reversed the pattern, being in a very strong position in the lead after the set (posting a form score bettered only by 4 on the day), she then lost her way in the vol to stop after just 4 moves.

End result:
  • 3 qualifiers - Livi, Eitan & Monica
  • 4 wins - Eitan, Zara, Miki & Monica
  • Team win - Katie, Tegan & Livi 
  • 2 runners-up - Emma & Chris, and
  • 1 in 3rd - Livi.
Set Vol Diff Vol Form Vol Fin Diff Fin Form Final Total Place
Chris 23.0 3.9 21.4 25.3 48.3 2
Becky 21.8 2.6 22.5 25.1 46.9 4
Niki 22.1 3.5 20.2 23.7 4.4 22.5 26.9 72.7 1
Eitan 24.6 4.3 24.8 29.1 4.3 24.6 28.9 82.6 1
Charlotte 23.4 0.8 9.0 9.8 33.2 5
Zara 22.5 1.9 22.5 24.4 46.9 1
Mia 2.1 1.9 21.4 23.3 25.4 7
Olivia 23.1 3.6 23.1 26.7 49.8 3
Katie 22.6 2.6 22.3 24.9 47.5 8
Tegan 21.6 2.6 22.0 24.6 46.2 12
Emma 22.3 1.9 21.9 23.8 46.1 2
Monica 22.7 4.0 23.3 27.3 3.9 22.8 26.7 76.7 1