Monday, 28 April 2008

New Competition Leotards

After several years of sterling service we have finally decided to change the club leotards. This will not be done in a ‘big-bang’ approach but we are asking that all competitors are in possession of a new leotard by 1st January 2009. The existing leotards will remain suitable for training purposes, indeed we would like to see more members training in leotards in any event.

For those that have not seen the new leotard they can be seen in this picture being modelled by Gemma Phillips and Scott Gregory:

These leotards will be manufactured locally by Star Leotards and will be made to order; prices are :
  • girls sizes 22” – 32” at £40.50, sizes 34” – 38” = £41.50, matching scrunchie £2.00;
  • boys 24” – 32” = £21.50 and 34” – 40” = £22.50.
Please contact Tina Page to arrange a fitting and to place an order – please note that the sizes are nominal sizes only and all leotards will be made to order only after a fitting so please do allow time for your orders to be fulfilled. Tina can be contacted by telephone on 01708 688376 or by email at – she is also at the club most evenings.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Gazette - Club of the Week

We were delighted to be chosen by the Brentwood Gazette as their Club of the Week in the 23rd April edition. Many of the club's members and officials turned out for the photocall and are shown in the picture above.

The full editorial can be read online here.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Ipswich Open - 6th April 2008

On a snowy day several of us set off wondering if we would arrive, fortunately the roads were clear even if the windscreen often was not and everybody made the competition on time.

It was another successful day for us with many more trophies and personal best scores - with 16 competing, 9 achieved podium positions, 4 in 1st place, 2 in 2nd and 3 in 3rd.

To find out more visit the main competition report here.