Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Historic trampolinists & memories

A regular correspondent with this club, Tim Blake, son of Ted Blake who introduced competitive trampolining as we know it to the world, recently passed us a link to this wonderful footage of trampolining in the late 1960's, Tim identified some of the performers as follows: "It shows Paul Luxon and (I think) Bobby Stroud who trained at Regent St Polytechnic together. I can also pick out Dave Curtis and possibly Mike Williams but that’s about it.". Commentary is in French, nevertheless enjoy:

retrouver ce m├ędia sur

Commenting on the footage Paul Kitchen, identified some names and memories "I used to train some with Bobby at Crystal Palace until the manager caught us getting free training in one of the downstairs gyms.  Surprised not to see Paul Wainwright there as he was Pauls synchro partner. The girl who is seen looking on from the tramp side is Wendy Wright. Competed alongside Biz Scales (Baldwin) in the same era. Di Bullen was coached by George Stephenson who coached me for a while in 73." as did Jack Kelly "I recognise a lot of these people including Ute Luxon (nee Czeck), Jane Pullen, Diane Bullen, Alan Gonzales and of course Paul Luxon (probably about 15yrs old) and Dave Curtis. A couple of the Swiss guys stayed and trained with me in Harlow. Most of the comp footage seems to be in a German sportshall I recognise though I wasn't there at the time."

Read more about trampolining history on our website.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Saffron Walden Grading Highlights

Faith, Maddie & Alex - a winning team
33 entered, 32 competed, 6 winners, 3 second placed and 4 third (41% medal-rate!),  and 13 qualified to higher grades - 19 set new improved PBs as well!  We also had 5 winning teams meaning only 6 of our entrants came home with nothing.
  • Winners:  Charlotte Hussey, Lauren Bembrick-Taylor, Joe Harris, Georgia Tyrrell, Lauren Michaels & Lucy Phillips,
  • Second: Emma Frost, Faith Everett & Jessie Durrell,
  • Third: Natalie Shade, Nicola Miller, Jonathan Gibbs & Alexandra Bartkowiak
  • Qualifiers G to F: Nicola Miller, Lauren Bembrick-Taylor, Holly Perry, Katie Cremer & Charlotte Lal
  • Qualifiers F to E:  Charlotte Hussey, Natalie Shade, Joe Harris, Jonathan Gibbs, Georgia Tyrrell, Jessie Durrell
  • Qualifiers E to D: Lucy Phillips
  • Qualifiers D to C: Lauren Michaels
  • Winning Teams: Faith, Alex and Maddie; Vanessa, Abbie Jo and Emma; Georgie, Jessie and Emma; Holly, Katie and Olivia; Nicola, Gemma and Becky.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Highly qualified at Gillingham

Josh & Susanna with medals
Three Brentwood Trampoline Club members enjoyed the short journey to Gillingham last weekend before notching up a highly impressive set of results and raising many an eyebrow as they set a quality benchmark.

Susanna Badley was first of the three to compete in one of the first groups of the day.  With 48 Under-15 Girls National C competitors it was a long wait until the end result was known but from the beginning she didn't relinquish her lead.  With a 0.5 advantage after the set round she pulled away further after the voluntary, now 1.3 clear and yet more in the final round ending 2.2 clear of the second placed girl despite her having a 1 point tariff advantage.  As well as the win she also gained an Enhanced Score qualification to FIG B competition and 3 new personal best scores.

Joshua Newman was competing next in the 14-strong boys equivalent group.  having had a niggling injury in the preceding weeks he was planning on simply repeating his set routine in the voluntary rounds giving him a 2 to 3 point tariff disadvantage against the main contenders.  Despite this he was in 2nd place after the set and posting consistently higher form marks than others maintained that position to the end.  As with Susanna, Josh's performance was also rewarded with an Enhanced Score qualification to FIG B and 2 new personal bests.

Chrissie Law was competing in the Under-19 Ladies National C class.  After the set round she was lying in 1st place, the voluntary round, however, saw her maintain excellent form scores higher than all her nearest rivals but fall back to 3rd place as opponents with nearly 2 clear marks of tariff advantage overhauled her.  In the final round Chrissie maintained her form with nobody getting close but, once again, higher tariffs held sway and she ended in 4th place - in a group of 40 an excellent return capped nicely with a FIG B qualification as well as 2 new personal bests.