Monday, 10 December 2012

Members' Regional Schools results

Yesterday was a busy day for club members who were competing in 10 of the 16 classes.  In each class the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed individuals and 1st & 2nd placed teams qualified to the Zonal finals in Blauenau, Gwent, on 20th January - Regional Champions are highlighted in bold.  The following is a highlight of each member's performance:
  • Jay Woods representing Long Ridings, competed in U11 boys novice and finished in 3rd place - despite a weak set round, he scored the highest form marks in the class in the voluntary round;
  • Maddie Merritt (Downham Primary), won the U11 girls Elite convincingly (by over 6 marks) and will be joined by the winning team from Long Ridings, Keira Sparkes, Rachael Davison, Mia Gray & Zara Phillips;
  • Jaya Watson (Long Ridings) showed her potential being in 3rd place after the set round of the U11 girls Novice but was adjudged to have made a one-footed landing in the vol and dropped back out of the rankings;
  • Eitan Robinson (King Solomon) took 2nd place in the U13 boys Elite being beaten almost entirely on tariff;
  • Georgia Tyrrell (St Martins) won the U13 girls Elite, with Jessie Durrell (Ursuline) pulling back from 10th after set to 5th after vol and a really quite ill Faith Everett (Coopers Coborn), struggling and although 4th after set feeling too unwell to do her vol as she would normally do and dropped out of contention;
  • Georgi Meraschiev (St Martins) in the U13 boys novice event experienced his first competition but was, probably unreasonably, adjudged to have performed a star jump rather than straddle and so was pretty much hammered on his vountary ending up 24th, in fairness, had the straddle been allowed he could have pulled up 4 or 5 places above that but it was not to be;
  • Emma Savill and Emily Flaherty (Ursuline) joined by Lauren Hill, took 3rd place team in the U13 girls Novice in the massive 62-strong class with no less than 14 teams, individually they were in 6th, 8th & 18th place with Emma & Emily having held podium positions right up until the very last flight;
  • In what was probably the win of the day, Josh Newman (BIllericay) won the U15 boys Elite by a 20% margin;
  • Susanna Badley (Coopers Coborn) won the U15 girls Elite with Lauren Michaels (Gaynes) not far behind in 3rd, Olivia Watson (Coopers Coborn) was not far behind in 5th place; other members in this group, unfortunately, showed up the disparity the schools system creates classifying regional G alongside FIG B performers as Elite, but Ellie Moreton (St Martins) 12th, Amy Richardson & Alissa Gray (both Shenfield) in 18th and 23rd each gave it their best shot;
  • The U15 girls novice was the largest class of the day and with 82 entries it occupied almost the entire day for panel 1, Holly Sedgwick & Sarah Cravitz (both Shenfield) ended in 69th & 72nd places with both enjoying the experience enormously;
  • Lastly, but not least, Ainslie Plews (Coopers Coborn) finished just above mid-way in the U19 girls Elite (11th of 24) but together with team-mates took 2nd place team (if anybody has a picture from presentation please forward to Dave).
Members' scores - on Blogspot click for larger version

Friday, 23 November 2012

Annual Report & Christmas Bouncing

Our Annual report covering 2012 is now available for download on our website and can be found at:

... if you are attending our Christmas Party on December 8th, then please do take a few moments to read this in advance so we can concentrate on enjoying ourselves rather than reviewing this in our, hopefully, very brief AGM.

For regular bouncers with the club on Saturdays, we have been advised that the High Street will be closed on Saturday 1st December between 8am and 8pm in order to stage the annual 'Lighting Up Brentwood' celebrations.  In order that members can attend the highlights of this event we are brining our regular pre-pay session forward to 2pm and cancelling the PAYG session on that day although will be back to normal on 8th December and then right through into the New Year.

As always, we will continue running our normal sessions throughout the Xmas holidays providing the centre is open to us during those hours, unfortunately this does mean that the following sessions will NOT be running:

  • Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th December
  • Monday 31st December - Tuesday 1st January
We hope you will have plenty to do those evenings!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Upcoming fortnight

Hopefully most of you will already be aware but in case not...
  1. On Monday 22nd - Wednesday 24th October Brentwood School are having maintenance work undertaken in the hall at short notice - apologies for this.  If you have prepaid then you should first check with your coach (or Dave) to see when you can fit in a replacement session OR, take up a space at Tramp Camp instead;
  2. Nina is organising a Tramp Camp again - this is taking place between 29th October to 2nd November between 10-12 each day - coaches will be available to suit all levels of performer so contact Nina by email now for details. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Easton Grading - Start Times

Following are warm-up times for members competing at Easton. Don't forget that the later in the day you are scheduled there is more chance your group might start early so please plan to arrive up to 30-minutes early depending on when your scheduled start time is.

The main comp starts at 9:30 so officials will need to be there from about 9:15.

Please note that many of you will be competing on much less powerful trampolines than those you normally train on, only panel 2 is 4x4, panel 1 is 6x4 and panel 3 is 6x6!!

Name Class Flight Time Panel
Ramiyah Kendall Under 13 Girls Regional F 2 10.00 2
Emma Hepinstall Under 13 Girls Regional G 1 10.25 1
Zara Phillips Under 13 Girls Regional G 1 10.25 1
Ellie Marshall Under 11 Girls Regional G 2 11.15 3
Keira Sparkes Under 11 Girls Regional G 1 10.30 3
Mia Gray Under 11 Girls Regional G 1 10.30 3
Rachael Davison Under 11 Girls Regional G 1 10.30 3
Charlotte Lal Under 15 Girls Regional E 1 10.35 2
Katie Cremer Under 15 Girls Regional E 1 10.35 2
Lauren Skelly Under 15 Girls Regional E 1 10.35 2
Monica Dowling Under 15 Girls Regional E 1 10.35 2
Olivia Watson Under 15 Girls Regional E 1 10.35 2
Tegan Roycroft Under 13 Girls Regional E 1 12.25 2
Eitan Robinson Under 13 Boys Regional F 1 12.30 1
Jess Durrell Under 13 Girls Regional D 1 12.55 2
Charlotte Sparkes Under 11 Girls Club H 1 13.20 3
Emma Frost Over 19 Ladies Regional D 1 13.50 2
Alissa Gray Under 15 Girls Regional G 2 14.55 3
Ainslie Plews Over 17 Ladies Regional E 1 14.45 1
Becky Tompkinson Over 17 Ladies Regional E 1 14.45 1
Charlotte Hussey Over 17 Ladies Regional E 1 14.45 1
Nicola Miller Over 17 Ladies Regional E 1 14.45 1
Josie Rollings Over 17 Ladies Regional F 1 15.20 1

Monday, 1 October 2012

Josh goes on GB duty

Josh in GB Leotard with PAYG session in background
The World Cup series of trampolining competitions is a series of internationals throughout the year with both senior & junior events taking place.  The recent Loulé competition was the first of the season with Josh winning as part of a small Brentwood Trampoline squad.

The World Cup competition in Sofia this coming weekend is the first of the year to which GB is sending a full Senior & Junior squad and Josh has been selected to be a member of the junior squad of 14, comprising 7 boys and 7 girls in 3 different age groups.

With this selection the club continues with its tradition of producing British representatives for trampolining with Josh being the 6th club member to be called up by GB since Paul Kitchen became head coach.

Well done to both Josh & Paul for this achievement.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Loulé Report

Brentwood Trampoline recently sent a small delegation to Portugal for the International Loulé Cup, one of the World Cup series competitions supported by the international governing body, FIG, and what an impression they made.

Normally competing in national FIG B competitions this was the first time the youngsters added an international dimension to a competition and so whilst all being excited there were also many trepidations.  Victoria Bramble was competing in the Junior group for those aged over 14, whilst Josh Newman and Susanna Badley were competing in the 13 – 14 age group competition.

Short of the seniors, a group packed with full international competitors, the juniors is probably the most difficult group in which to shine since many nations, notably the Russians and Americans, use these World Cup competitions as a big test of their future internationals.  Victoria was competing against over 40 others including performers from as far away as Brazil, USA & Russia as well as those closer to home.  Finishing 11th in such a group ahead of 15 of the other Brits she regularly competes against and only behind 2, she did incredibly well.

Susanna in the 13-14 girls group of 44 had a slightly disappointing start laying 9th after her set routine, normally her strongest, but pulling all the stops out in her voluntary she hauled in her opposition going into the final in 4th place where she enthralled the judges who awarded their highest marks for a final voluntary of the day, to lift her into 3rd place with a score of 131.33 just 0.5% behind the 2nd placed performer.

Josh simply wowed the judges of his 13-14 boys group competition of 23 from beginning to end.  Establishing a clear lead in the first round he was not to lose it ending up scoring 139.425 over the 3 rounds, 3% more than his nearest competitor, a Russian normally known as one of the stronger nations.  With just 7 GB performers in this group it was a real international test.

On their return the club’s latest international competitors said that they were
“excited and nervous before the competition but it was an amazing experience to compete against gymnasts from other countries.” 
They all agreed that they were also excited about the prospect of doing it again soon.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

All packed up and ready to go...

Loads of thanks to our small band of volunteers who helped us relocate 6 of our trampolines and all end decks and mats to Brentwood Centre for our temporary stay there.  Starting immediately after our regular Saturday session at 5pm we tucked the last bed in to its new home just before 7pm.  Particular thanks to the Harris family who also provided us with a wonderful lorry that accommodated all of our equipment in just one load!  Normally moving offices they were pleased to add moving trampoline clubs to their repertoire - if you need a move check them out on their website at

Don't forget we always run a full programme through all school holidays (at Brentwood Centre between 16th July & 11th August and thereafter back at Brentwood School) as well as extra training camps and opportunities - please ask your coach if you want to do more during the holidays or email Nina for more details of the camps we are running.  Nina can be emailed through the address.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jack Petchey winners

... have been announced for May & June now together with the winners for our new 'Junior Jumpers'.   May's winners were:
  • Katie Cremer (JP), and
  • Ellie Marshall (JJ)
... while June's winners were:
  • Ellie Semon-Keen (JP), and
  • Sophie Tyrrell (JJ).
Find out what made them stand out on our website at and also find out about all the other past winners as well.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Half-term fun - 6th - 9th June

Following the enormous success of the Easter "Tramp Camp", which not only saw many first-timers get the bug but was great fun as well, Nina is now organising another for the June Half-Term.  There are spaces for all levels and capabilities so why not book your space now on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday between 10am - 12noon for £8 a day or £20 for all three.  More details from Nina by email

Following on from this we are also holding a Jubilee Jump event on the Saturday 9th between 12noon - 2pm (before the PAYG and regular club sessions).   All those wishing to take part in this will be allocated a challenge to perform 60 repetitions of a move or skill in a 5-minute slot, sponsorship forms and more details are again from Nina or check out the cupboard door which is increasingly becoming our default notice board these days!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Easter Tramp Camp

Going to be bored through the Easter Holidays?  Need something for your children to do through the break? We are holding a Trampolining Camp during the two weeks holiday.

Why not come along and have some fun. Open to all.  Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced welcome.

Qualified Coaches, CRB Checked.

Sessions are : -

  • Monday 2nd April – Thursday 5th April &
  • Tuesday 10th April – Friday 13th April

Session are for 2 hours between 10.00am – 12.00pm@ a charge of £8.00 per day.
For the four days the charge will be £30.00

There are limited spaces so please book early to avoid disappointment.

To book please email with how many sessions you
would like and we will send you a payment form, to be returned to secure your
child/children’s space.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Brentwood Gazette

Matt showing his moves
There's a great article in this week's Gazette written by Matt Harris who enjoyed a Pay-as-you-go session with us. Buy one now and, if you can't, check it out on our website.

Friday, 3 February 2012

January Competition Round-Up

Group shot of some of January's competitors
We have just issued a press release updating on our hectic January with a competition every weekend:
To read it visit our website at

Monday, 30 January 2012

First Gala of 2012 at Hatfield

All five of those travelling to Hatfield for this gala had cause for nerves, with Lauren & Lucy never having competed at National level before, Chrissie & Susanna venturing into FIG B for the first time, Kensie having hurt her foot the previous day and Josh determined to get back to FIG B. In the event there was at least cause for future confidence with either medals, qualification to finals or good experience to take away with them. To find out more about the results and how Kensie managed with (as was found out after the event) a broken bone in her foot, read the full competition report at

Friday, 27 January 2012

Brentwood Grading H-D, 22nd January 2012

With 45 competing once again we had the largest contingent in the grading competition.  The day saw many competing at a new grade for the first time and so expectations were cautiously optimistic in the most part:

First time in grade or competition:

  • Becky Tompkinson (E), Vanessa Lewis (D), Eitan Robinson (G), Faith Everett (D), Georgia Tyrrell (D), Maddison Merritt (D), Tegan Roycroft (F), Ella Sandle (G), Jonathan Gibbs (D), Olivia Watson (E), Katie Cremer (E), Monica Dowling (F), Charlotte Lal (F), Georgina Davis (G), Maddie Newby (G), Chloe Waghorne (G), Ellie Moreton (G) and Abbie-Jo Goldsmith (D)


H to G

  • Mia Gray

G to E

  • Eitan Robinson

G to F

  • Josie Rollings,
  • Ramiyah Kendall,
  • Thea Taylor &
  • Georgina Davis

F to E

  • Ainslie Pews,
  • Holly Perry,
  • Tegan Roycroft,
  • Monica Dowling &
  • Charlotte Lal

E to D

  • Kendra Sherlock,
  • Jessie Durrell

D to C

  • Vanessa Lewis,
  • Faith Everett &
  • Joe Harris
Georgia Tyrrell & Maddison Merritt also hit the qualifying scores for this grade but since only the top 20% can be promoted and, with Faith, they were the only three competing in the under-13 age group, missed out this time round.


  • Winners - Mia Gray, Eitan Robinson, Faith Everett, Kendra Sherlock & Joe Harris;
  • Team winners - Under 11 girls H - Mia Gray, Erin Wells, Sophie Tyrrell & Molly Slawson, Under 13 girls D - Faith Everett, Georgia Tyrrell & Maddison Merritt, Under 13 girls E - , Under 15 girls G - Georgina Davis, Maddie Newby & Chloe Waghorne;
  • Second placed - Ainslie Plews, Josie Rollings, Vanessa Lewis, Ramiyah Kendall, Georgia Tyrrell, Holly Perry & Jonathan Gibbs;
  • Third placed - Charlotte Hussey, Emma Frost, Thea Taylor, Maddison Merritt, Tegan Roycrodt & Abbie Jo Goldsmith.

Personal Best Scores

  • Ainslie Plews - PB1 & PB2
  • Mia Gray - PB1 & PB2
  • Erin Wells - PB1 & PB2
  • Sophie Tyrrell - PB1 & PB2
  • Molly Slawson - PB2
  • Ramiyah Kendall - PB1 & PB2
  • Thea Taylor - PB2
  • Faith Everett - PB3
  • Georgia Tyrrell - PB3
  • Maddison Merritt - PB3
  • Kendra Sherlock - PB1 & PB2
  • Jessie Durrell - PB2
  • Holly Perry - PB1 & PB2
  • Tegan Roycroft - PB2
  • Emma Heptinstall - PB1 & PB2
  • Sarah Thompson - PB1
  • Joe Harris - PB3
  • Jonathan Gibbs - PB3
  • Monica Dowling - PB1 & PB2
  • Charlotte Lal - PB1 & PB2
  • Georgina Lewis - PB1 & PB2
  • Georgina Henwood - PB2
  • Alice Gibbs - PB1 & PB2
  • Ellie Marshall - PB1 & PB2
Detailed scores and placings on-line on our website now.

Monday, 9 January 2012

PB Challenge 2012

Members waiting for results of PB Challenge
Saturday afternoon saw our first PB Challenge competition take place. We wanted a competition that was fun for everybody to take part in and we certainly achieved this with a great atmosphere.  Nearly 30 competed, with most taking part in the 'handicap' section of the competition where their scores were adjusted relative to their personal bests.  For a fuller report and individual results check our website at