Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Cardiff Gala Weekend results

Mainly positive results from this weekend (25th - 26th April) with only one slip.

Stephen Page & Charlotte Webb both came away with 3rd place trophies and promotion offers (to FIG A and FIG B respectively), Anthony Williams made finals into 4th place but then dropped back and both he and Chrissie Law qualified for Nationals (Nat C). The only slip came with Hannah McCann, going into the vol in 4th place, adding an extra move at the end and missing her first ever final at this level.

Detail results are on our website here.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Get 50% off from Littlewoods Direct

Some of you may be aware that we have an affiliate shopping link where every purchase you make will result in a donation to the club and even small purchases soon add up. This, though, is an offer that is too good to pass up - Littlewoods Direct are offering £30 off your first order of £60 or more or £10 off an order over £25. Simply visit their website through our affiliate link http://buy.at/brentwoodtc and use voucher code ZG754 or ZG561 respectively.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Brentwood Grading - Entries Invited

The Brentwood Grading is being hosted by us in the Courage Hall on 31st May 2009. If you have been told by your coach you ought to enter this competition then please note that:
  • the closing date for entries to be received is Thursday 7th May;
  • each entry is £6.00;
  • the competition is for grades G - D only and age groups under-13 (not D), under-15 and over-15;
  • minimum age-this-year to compete is 6 for G to E and 9 for D;
  • you ought to have a new-style club leotard to compete at this competition; and
  • there will be a last minute training opportunity on 30th May when we need as much help as possible to set up.
An entry form can be downloaded from our website at http://www.brentwoodtc.org/competitions.htm

If you are entering (or taking somebody to) a competition for a the first-time you might want to read a little more about how a competitiojn is organised by checking our website at http://www.brentwoodtc.org/competition_organisation.htm.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Georgia's GCTA Open Results

The full results of this competition are now available on our website. Our own members also did really well with a large number of new competitors who survived the day with smiles on their faces, and even trophies or certificates. With 32 members actually competing on the day they achievd the following results:
  • G.Cordery Form Shield winners - Stephen Page (Senior) and Charlotte Webb (Junior) (pictured right with Georgia);
  • 1st places - Fiona Humphries, Lauren Marchant, Abbie Goldsmith, Charlotte Webb & Stephen Page;
  • 2nd places - Emma Brereton, Jamie Perry, Daniel Frost & Hannah McCann;
  • 3rd place - Emma Martin;
  • Team winners - Georgie Harris, Fiona Humphries, Emma Brereton & Alice Gibbs and Chrissie Law, Hannah McCann & Charlotte Webb;
  • Team runners-up - Sophie Harris, Alex Bartkowiak, Mollie Harris & Joe Martin; Emma Martin, Georgia Tyrrell, Jonathan Gibbs & Megan Gannon and Harriet Gill, Georgia Walker & Nikola Kelly; and
  • New Personal Best Scores - Jamie Perry (PB1), Tilly Ashcroft (PB1 & PB2), Daniel Frost (PB2), Hannah McCann (PB2), Charlotte Webb (PB1 & PB2) and Stephen Page (PB2).

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Help needed

As I hope you are all aware we are holding our Open Competition to raise funds for Georgia’s Teenage Cancer Appeal this Sunday, 19th April. Lots of work has already been going behind the scenes organising this event and now is the time when you can add your support. There are four main ways you can do this:-

1) Saturday Night, 8pm - Help put out mats (the coaches will do the trampolines) and move chairs and staging to set up the hall for the competition. There is a lot to do and you don’t need to be particularly big and strong. There will be an opportunity for the youngsters to practice a routine or two before you go.

2) Second Hand Leotards - We are having a sale of second hand leotards with half the proceeds going to the GTCA and half for you. Please bring your leotards along early on Sunday morning or down to the club beforehand. Make sure you securely attach an envelope to the (clean) leotard with your name and how much you want it to sell for written on the outside. You could also come and buy one!

3) Raffle Prizes - Have you got some unwanted gifts lying around that could be somebody else's treasure. Why not donate it to the raffle (please note that if we receive lots of prizes we may hold some over to our next competition)?

4) Sunday - We need lots of help to actually run the competition on Sunday. So if you are able to do any of the following, even for an hour or so (but longer’s even better), please let me know which you would prefer to do, or just and volunteer on the day, we will be there from around 9 o'clock onwards and there are always odd jobs to be done:-

a) Sell leotards/programs/etc
b) Make refreshments for judges
c) Warm-up marshal or similar
d) Clear up at the end - we need lots of help here, lots of chairs need moving as well as mats, staging and trampolines.

If you do nothing else, please come and support us on Sunday and bring some money to spend!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Georgia's Open

The timetable for this competition is now available on our website together with lists of officials and competitors in starting order. The summary timetable is:

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A new member?

Congratulations to Sarah & Scott on the birth of a new sister for Lauren in the early hours of Monday. She weighed in at 6lb 12oz (just over 3 bags of sugar for those of the metric persuasion) and has yet to be named.

(Note the picture is not of Sarah's newly-born but we expect to see one similar soon!)

UPDATE - We have just been informed baby is now named - 'Fay Louise'