Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Brentwood Grading - Entries Invited

The Brentwood Grading is being hosted by us in the Courage Hall on 31st May 2009. If you have been told by your coach you ought to enter this competition then please note that:
  • the closing date for entries to be received is Thursday 7th May;
  • each entry is £6.00;
  • the competition is for grades G - D only and age groups under-13 (not D), under-15 and over-15;
  • minimum age-this-year to compete is 6 for G to E and 9 for D;
  • you ought to have a new-style club leotard to compete at this competition; and
  • there will be a last minute training opportunity on 30th May when we need as much help as possible to set up.
An entry form can be downloaded from our website at http://www.brentwoodtc.org/competitions.htm

If you are entering (or taking somebody to) a competition for a the first-time you might want to read a little more about how a competitiojn is organised by checking our website at http://www.brentwoodtc.org/competition_organisation.htm.

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