Monday, 30 January 2012

First Gala of 2012 at Hatfield

All five of those travelling to Hatfield for this gala had cause for nerves, with Lauren & Lucy never having competed at National level before, Chrissie & Susanna venturing into FIG B for the first time, Kensie having hurt her foot the previous day and Josh determined to get back to FIG B. In the event there was at least cause for future confidence with either medals, qualification to finals or good experience to take away with them. To find out more about the results and how Kensie managed with (as was found out after the event) a broken bone in her foot, read the full competition report at

Friday, 27 January 2012

Brentwood Grading H-D, 22nd January 2012

With 45 competing once again we had the largest contingent in the grading competition.  The day saw many competing at a new grade for the first time and so expectations were cautiously optimistic in the most part:

First time in grade or competition:

  • Becky Tompkinson (E), Vanessa Lewis (D), Eitan Robinson (G), Faith Everett (D), Georgia Tyrrell (D), Maddison Merritt (D), Tegan Roycroft (F), Ella Sandle (G), Jonathan Gibbs (D), Olivia Watson (E), Katie Cremer (E), Monica Dowling (F), Charlotte Lal (F), Georgina Davis (G), Maddie Newby (G), Chloe Waghorne (G), Ellie Moreton (G) and Abbie-Jo Goldsmith (D)


H to G

  • Mia Gray

G to E

  • Eitan Robinson

G to F

  • Josie Rollings,
  • Ramiyah Kendall,
  • Thea Taylor &
  • Georgina Davis

F to E

  • Ainslie Pews,
  • Holly Perry,
  • Tegan Roycroft,
  • Monica Dowling &
  • Charlotte Lal

E to D

  • Kendra Sherlock,
  • Jessie Durrell

D to C

  • Vanessa Lewis,
  • Faith Everett &
  • Joe Harris
Georgia Tyrrell & Maddison Merritt also hit the qualifying scores for this grade but since only the top 20% can be promoted and, with Faith, they were the only three competing in the under-13 age group, missed out this time round.


  • Winners - Mia Gray, Eitan Robinson, Faith Everett, Kendra Sherlock & Joe Harris;
  • Team winners - Under 11 girls H - Mia Gray, Erin Wells, Sophie Tyrrell & Molly Slawson, Under 13 girls D - Faith Everett, Georgia Tyrrell & Maddison Merritt, Under 13 girls E - , Under 15 girls G - Georgina Davis, Maddie Newby & Chloe Waghorne;
  • Second placed - Ainslie Plews, Josie Rollings, Vanessa Lewis, Ramiyah Kendall, Georgia Tyrrell, Holly Perry & Jonathan Gibbs;
  • Third placed - Charlotte Hussey, Emma Frost, Thea Taylor, Maddison Merritt, Tegan Roycrodt & Abbie Jo Goldsmith.

Personal Best Scores

  • Ainslie Plews - PB1 & PB2
  • Mia Gray - PB1 & PB2
  • Erin Wells - PB1 & PB2
  • Sophie Tyrrell - PB1 & PB2
  • Molly Slawson - PB2
  • Ramiyah Kendall - PB1 & PB2
  • Thea Taylor - PB2
  • Faith Everett - PB3
  • Georgia Tyrrell - PB3
  • Maddison Merritt - PB3
  • Kendra Sherlock - PB1 & PB2
  • Jessie Durrell - PB2
  • Holly Perry - PB1 & PB2
  • Tegan Roycroft - PB2
  • Emma Heptinstall - PB1 & PB2
  • Sarah Thompson - PB1
  • Joe Harris - PB3
  • Jonathan Gibbs - PB3
  • Monica Dowling - PB1 & PB2
  • Charlotte Lal - PB1 & PB2
  • Georgina Lewis - PB1 & PB2
  • Georgina Henwood - PB2
  • Alice Gibbs - PB1 & PB2
  • Ellie Marshall - PB1 & PB2
Detailed scores and placings on-line on our website now.

Monday, 9 January 2012

PB Challenge 2012

Members waiting for results of PB Challenge
Saturday afternoon saw our first PB Challenge competition take place. We wanted a competition that was fun for everybody to take part in and we certainly achieved this with a great atmosphere.  Nearly 30 competed, with most taking part in the 'handicap' section of the competition where their scores were adjusted relative to their personal bests.  For a fuller report and individual results check our website at