Tuesday, 30 March 2010

January - March Jack Petchey Nominations

Nominations are now open for achievement during January, February & March 2010.

Remember that Jack Petchey awards are intended for those who have shown hard work, commitment or other outstanding behaviour – not necessarily always the best trampolinists.

Members, parents, coaches and others involved with the club may nominate any of those listed below by email to dave@brentwoodtc.org stating who you are nominating, why and for which month (without these details your nomination may not count).

Please make no more than ONE nomination for each month.

Nominations close on Sunday 18th April.

Eligible members (aged 11-25 and not a previous winner) are:
  • Abigail Spink
  • Amy Benson
  • Amy Richardson
  • Becky Tompkinson
  • Bethany Chambers
  • Bethany Marmoy-Haynes
  • Bryony Boston
  • Charlotte Lal
  • Chelsea Clark
  • Chloe Bell
  • Chloe Franklin
  • Claire Fogarty
  • Clark King
  • Cory Barton
  • Dana Pamenter
  • Ellen Houghton
  • Ellie Guy
  • Emily Marmoy-Haynes
  • Emma Brereton
  • Emma Frost
  • Emma Richardson
  • Fiwasewa Ojutiku
  • Gemma Pratt
  • Georgia Lewis
  • Grace Balmford
  • Greg Humphries
  • Harriet Gill
  • Imogen Pratt
  • Imogen Spanton
  • Isabella Field
  • Joshua Newman
  • Kensie Sherlock
  • Kiera Booth
  • Kitty Maguire
  • Laura Studd
  • Lauren Marchant
  • Lauren Michaels
  • Lottie Heaney
  • Louise Jagger
  • Lucy Phillips
  • Lydia Jamieson
  • Marie Ashworth
  • Mark Robinson
  • Megan Lomax
  • Milly Blandford
  • Monica Dowling
  • Natalie Shade
  • Natasha Wood
  • Oliver Pope
  • Rebekah Francis
  • Robyn May
  • Roselle Cullender
  • Sam Digby
  • Sophie Brooking
  • Tilly Ashcroft
  • Tracy Meadows
  • Vanessa Lewis
  • Victoria Patterson
Winners can make suggestions on how to spend the money – do you have any ideas on how to make our club better by spending the money we get? If so make a suggestion.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Trampolining on telly...

BBC2 Flog It! programme has a feature on Brentwood's role in trampoline history today (Monday 15th, BBC2, 3:45pm). Club members are shown performing some moves - should be worth looking to see how the pro's film trampolining for effect.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Bouncing Higher

The following announcement on the BG website affects international competition from this September onwards and is highly likely to filter into UK competitions over the next year to 18-months so good reason to start to work on getting those routines a little higher:

The FIG Executive have approved a new Code of Points for Trampoline which will come into affect on 1st September 2010 and which will include Time of Flight to be used in all rounds of individual competition (first, second and final routines).

The Time of Flight will be added to the current scoring system i.e. a routine score is E+E+E+D+T (T=Time of Flight).

The FIG EC has also approved a document that outlines the functional properties of the “machine” (TMD - Time Measuring Device) developed by the TRA-TC and the Apparatus Commission together.

For further information please visit the FIG website.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hull Gala Results

A very good weekend for us in Hull. Saturday had Hannah McCann and Charlotte Webb entering their first FIG B event whilst Sunday we had Chrissie law & Anthony Williams in the National C competition. Hannah & Charlotte were not able to repeat their 1/2 in their last National C but did very well indeed beating many regular FIG B competitors taking 4th and 5th places respectively. Anthony & Chrissie both also finalled with Anthony taking 5th and Chrissie 7th.

Detail report is online at http://www.brentwoodtc.org/hull_06-07mar10.htm