Monday, 10 December 2012

Members' Regional Schools results

Yesterday was a busy day for club members who were competing in 10 of the 16 classes.  In each class the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed individuals and 1st & 2nd placed teams qualified to the Zonal finals in Blauenau, Gwent, on 20th January - Regional Champions are highlighted in bold.  The following is a highlight of each member's performance:
  • Jay Woods representing Long Ridings, competed in U11 boys novice and finished in 3rd place - despite a weak set round, he scored the highest form marks in the class in the voluntary round;
  • Maddie Merritt (Downham Primary), won the U11 girls Elite convincingly (by over 6 marks) and will be joined by the winning team from Long Ridings, Keira Sparkes, Rachael Davison, Mia Gray & Zara Phillips;
  • Jaya Watson (Long Ridings) showed her potential being in 3rd place after the set round of the U11 girls Novice but was adjudged to have made a one-footed landing in the vol and dropped back out of the rankings;
  • Eitan Robinson (King Solomon) took 2nd place in the U13 boys Elite being beaten almost entirely on tariff;
  • Georgia Tyrrell (St Martins) won the U13 girls Elite, with Jessie Durrell (Ursuline) pulling back from 10th after set to 5th after vol and a really quite ill Faith Everett (Coopers Coborn), struggling and although 4th after set feeling too unwell to do her vol as she would normally do and dropped out of contention;
  • Georgi Meraschiev (St Martins) in the U13 boys novice event experienced his first competition but was, probably unreasonably, adjudged to have performed a star jump rather than straddle and so was pretty much hammered on his vountary ending up 24th, in fairness, had the straddle been allowed he could have pulled up 4 or 5 places above that but it was not to be;
  • Emma Savill and Emily Flaherty (Ursuline) joined by Lauren Hill, took 3rd place team in the U13 girls Novice in the massive 62-strong class with no less than 14 teams, individually they were in 6th, 8th & 18th place with Emma & Emily having held podium positions right up until the very last flight;
  • In what was probably the win of the day, Josh Newman (BIllericay) won the U15 boys Elite by a 20% margin;
  • Susanna Badley (Coopers Coborn) won the U15 girls Elite with Lauren Michaels (Gaynes) not far behind in 3rd, Olivia Watson (Coopers Coborn) was not far behind in 5th place; other members in this group, unfortunately, showed up the disparity the schools system creates classifying regional G alongside FIG B performers as Elite, but Ellie Moreton (St Martins) 12th, Amy Richardson & Alissa Gray (both Shenfield) in 18th and 23rd each gave it their best shot;
  • The U15 girls novice was the largest class of the day and with 82 entries it occupied almost the entire day for panel 1, Holly Sedgwick & Sarah Cravitz (both Shenfield) ended in 69th & 72nd places with both enjoying the experience enormously;
  • Lastly, but not least, Ainslie Plews (Coopers Coborn) finished just above mid-way in the U19 girls Elite (11th of 24) but together with team-mates took 2nd place team (if anybody has a picture from presentation please forward to Dave).
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