Sunday, 19 April 2009

Georgia's GCTA Open Results

The full results of this competition are now available on our website. Our own members also did really well with a large number of new competitors who survived the day with smiles on their faces, and even trophies or certificates. With 32 members actually competing on the day they achievd the following results:
  • G.Cordery Form Shield winners - Stephen Page (Senior) and Charlotte Webb (Junior) (pictured right with Georgia);
  • 1st places - Fiona Humphries, Lauren Marchant, Abbie Goldsmith, Charlotte Webb & Stephen Page;
  • 2nd places - Emma Brereton, Jamie Perry, Daniel Frost & Hannah McCann;
  • 3rd place - Emma Martin;
  • Team winners - Georgie Harris, Fiona Humphries, Emma Brereton & Alice Gibbs and Chrissie Law, Hannah McCann & Charlotte Webb;
  • Team runners-up - Sophie Harris, Alex Bartkowiak, Mollie Harris & Joe Martin; Emma Martin, Georgia Tyrrell, Jonathan Gibbs & Megan Gannon and Harriet Gill, Georgia Walker & Nikola Kelly; and
  • New Personal Best Scores - Jamie Perry (PB1), Tilly Ashcroft (PB1 & PB2), Daniel Frost (PB2), Hannah McCann (PB2), Charlotte Webb (PB1 & PB2) and Stephen Page (PB2).

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