Sunday, 15 July 2012

All packed up and ready to go...

Loads of thanks to our small band of volunteers who helped us relocate 6 of our trampolines and all end decks and mats to Brentwood Centre for our temporary stay there.  Starting immediately after our regular Saturday session at 5pm we tucked the last bed in to its new home just before 7pm.  Particular thanks to the Harris family who also provided us with a wonderful lorry that accommodated all of our equipment in just one load!  Normally moving offices they were pleased to add moving trampoline clubs to their repertoire - if you need a move check them out on their website at

Don't forget we always run a full programme through all school holidays (at Brentwood Centre between 16th July & 11th August and thereafter back at Brentwood School) as well as extra training camps and opportunities - please ask your coach if you want to do more during the holidays or email Nina for more details of the camps we are running.  Nina can be emailed through the address.

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