Monday, 7 March 2011

Saffron Walden Grading Highlights

Faith, Maddie & Alex - a winning team
33 entered, 32 competed, 6 winners, 3 second placed and 4 third (41% medal-rate!),  and 13 qualified to higher grades - 19 set new improved PBs as well!  We also had 5 winning teams meaning only 6 of our entrants came home with nothing.
  • Winners:  Charlotte Hussey, Lauren Bembrick-Taylor, Joe Harris, Georgia Tyrrell, Lauren Michaels & Lucy Phillips,
  • Second: Emma Frost, Faith Everett & Jessie Durrell,
  • Third: Natalie Shade, Nicola Miller, Jonathan Gibbs & Alexandra Bartkowiak
  • Qualifiers G to F: Nicola Miller, Lauren Bembrick-Taylor, Holly Perry, Katie Cremer & Charlotte Lal
  • Qualifiers F to E:  Charlotte Hussey, Natalie Shade, Joe Harris, Jonathan Gibbs, Georgia Tyrrell, Jessie Durrell
  • Qualifiers E to D: Lucy Phillips
  • Qualifiers D to C: Lauren Michaels
  • Winning Teams: Faith, Alex and Maddie; Vanessa, Abbie Jo and Emma; Georgie, Jessie and Emma; Holly, Katie and Olivia; Nicola, Gemma and Becky.

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