Tuesday, 6 May 2008

New Competition Structure - Update

British Gymnastics has now released more details about the new system coming into force in October this year (and which we will be using for routines, at least, in our September Open).

The announcement (downloadable here with a summary of the combined effects available here) introduces some more details but the most material changes appear to be as follows:
  • promotion from regional grades G through to D will not now be based on a points system but will, instead, be by achieving a combined form score of 45.0 over two rounds. There are also some requirements about tariff that have not been defined;
  • determining which grade performers will start at has been more closely defined although there appears to be an error inasmuch there is no provision for anybody starting the next season at regional grade F;
  • all competitors in regional competitions ought to be aged 9 in the year of the competition.
This last change (which may be subject to regional discretion and is therefore being clarified) will affect several of our young development members and the effect on these will be discussed directly with members' parents when more is known.

A future change will also see marks introduced for the time the routine takes - this will reward the more confident, higher bouncers.

For other members the effects are largely as has been discussed with them during training sessions.

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