Monday, 15 September 2008

Scott performs well in Kladno

The 36th International Trampoline Friendship Cup 2008 was held last weekend in Kladno, 20km outside Prague. Paul Kitchen & Scott Gregory attended with Scott performing in the Junior Boys (aged 15-17) and Senior Men Synchro competitions.

The Junior Boys competition was big enough to warrant 3 flights and saw Scott performing last in the last flight - after the preliminaries he was leading by 2.8 going into the finals. With such a lead he eased back on the difficulty in the final only to discover afterwards that the competition was, unusually, running finals on a zero start basis (this normally only applies to Senior competition) - this resulted in him having to make do with 2nd place by just 0.2!

Teaming with ex-clubmate, Matthew Wright, the Synchro saw an even closer finish with Scott & Matt ending in 2nd place by just 0.1.

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