Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Annual Awards Evening

Well, there are only a few days to go until our annual Awards evening at the centre and a huge number of you have said you are coming - that is great news since it means I will not have to sing during the Karaoke session! The evening will start at 7pm in two halves:
  • adults and those juniors who are interested, will participate in as brief an AGM as we are able to make it. You are encouraged to look over the Annual Report in advance (click to open) in order to ensure it does, indeed, remain a brief affair, meanwhile
  • the junior members, with some suitable supervision, will start off the karaoke session.
We will then come together for the awards presentations and an amazing video that Stephen Page has constructed. After this we will all (except me of course) participate in the Karaoke. The bar will be operating on a pay-basis throughout the evening although some snacks will be provided.

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