Sunday, 31 May 2009

Brentwood Grading - 31st May

On balance our members experienced a good competition today with some moving up a grade, others just achieving that breakthrough-competition where it seems that they may soon be ready to move on and with others actually getting that elusive qualifying score. Highlights were:

First time in grade:

Alice Gibbs & Abbie Goldsmith.


Victoria Webb, Jamie Perry, Lauren Marchant & Kensie Sherlock.

Trophies & medals:

Jamie Perry, Victoria Webb, Rebecca Martin, Emma Martin, Tegan Roycroft, Lauren Marchant, Joseph Dulieu-Hasler, Abbie Goldsmith, Georgia Walker & Daniel Frost

Personal Best Scores:

Victoria Webb, Emma Martin, Alice Gibbs, Jonathan Gibbs, Jamie Perry, Tilly Ashcroft & Joseph Dulieu-Hasler.

Find out more about their performances in our competition report.

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