Thursday, 27 August 2009

National Finals Report

Whilst many of us were heading away on our summer holidays, five of our members were heading to the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham for the British National Finals. All had qualified to be there during the year by achieving qualification through competition and this grand gala event was the culmination of their competition year.

Full details of their successes and disappointments are on our website now - click here to read the full report. In summary though:
  • Hannah McCann won the Under-15 National C competition with Charlotte Webb in the same group finishing 23rd following a slip in her vol;
  • Stephen Page came 4th in the Under-19 FIG B competition with Scott Gregory (recovering from flu) simply running out of steam in his vol and finishing in 30th place;
  • Chrissie Law ended in 59th place in the Under-19 National C.

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