Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Party Time

Our Annual Xmas Party is taking place on December 4th at 7pm. We have a great disco playing for us with 'Jolly Jenny' offering karaoke opportunities, a variety of games and other entertainment as well.

As ever, we will ask adults, and older members who might be interested, to join us for a brief AGM whilst the younger members enjoy the fun - we normally manage to keep the AGM down to less than 20 minutes and all reports will be posted on-line in advance to help us achieve this. This will then be followed by presentation of medals to Jack Petchey Award winners and snacks. The bar will be open to paying customers.

This year, we are really keen to attract some new blood onto the committee with several vacancies including that of Chairman (Steven Nicholls is standing down after 6 years in the hot seat!) Any contribution to the committee (no matter how small) is truly welcome and we promise you will not be left high and dry!

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