Sunday, 23 October 2011

Long trip but worth the drive

Photocall attended by half our competitors shown in
our training hall in Brentwood School
Brentwood Trampoline Club had cause for celebration last weekend following a long day at Easton College, Norwich.  The event was just one of four British Gymnastics grading competitions held each year where performers have the opportunity to prove their ability to move onwards to higher grade competition.  For this reason the club's Head Coach, Paul Kitchen was delighted that 26 of the club's competitors had made the long journey as he says:
"It's a long way to go but an important journey to make to test the competitor, and their family's, resolve since when they qualify to National competition the journeys become longer and involve overnight stays."
Paul was equally pleased with the results with 15 of Brentwood's competitors achieving the targets needed for qualification giving a 58% success rate against a competition average of just 34%.  Of course, the club also gained a fair share of trophies with 12 individual podium places and 3 winning teams - full details of the individual success stories are on the clubs website at

The next challenge for the club is to host its annual Open Competition at their training base in Brentwood School Sports Centre where they are expecting nearly 300 competitors to be chasing, among other awards, the Georgia Cordery Form trophies for under-13 and over-13 trampolinists. These trophies are awarded each year to those who display the highest quality skills, rather than difficulty, and are in memory of Georgia Cordery.

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