Tuesday, 15 May 2007

GymMark Update

GymMark is British Gymnastics’ version of the Sport England ClubMark; a national scheme devised by Sport England to ensure that sports clubs operate in a Safe, Effective and Child-Friendly manner. Being accredited by BG is likely to become an absolute requirement in future and so your committee decided to pre-empt this and apply early (since doing so brings some funding advantages).

Having made our application earlier this year we had our first meeting with Lynsey Mealham, BG’s Regional Development Officer, on 30th March where our basic administration and other systems were reviewed. This meting showed we had a surprisingly high degree of compliance already and so we set ourselves a demanding target of only a few weeks to complete the remaining tasks before meeting again on 3rd May. This meeting was very successful and prompted Lynsey to comment on how quickly we had completed the tasks. Lynsey has now reported to BG who will be reviewing our detail policy documents etc… before we get a formal decision on accreditation. In the meantime we have been required to formalise and/or restate a number of policies and procedures and all members and their parents/guardians ought to familiarise themselves with them since it impacts on how they need to be prepared for training and their behaviour.

These documents are all posted on our main notice board in the corridor and on the website; please do take time to read them, the Code of Conduct and associated Dress Policy in particular is a priority.

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