Saturday, 26 May 2007

Jack Petchey - April Winner

The club's first Jack Petchey award winner was announced last night by special guest Eric Pickles, MP. Having been selected from 14 nominated, Sarah Daly received the award not just because of her commitment to working hard whilst training, but also because of her willingness to always help out whenever needed.

The session was organised by the club as a celebration for all members who had won trophies or medals during the year to date and, although not all could attend, the evening was very well attended with over 20 winners enjoying the extra training session it afforded.

Shown in the picture are National Grade 1 competitors Stephen Page, Natasha Holme and Gemma Phillips, Grade 2's Ellie Semon-Keene & Ellie Clarke Grade 3's Hannah McCann, Harry Gannon and Chrissie Law, Grade 4's Harriet Gill, Kallum Sherlock, Emma Richardson, Catherine Daly & Sophie Banks, Grade 5's Mark Hardiman, Christopher Nicholls, Rebecca Martin & Sarah Daly and Grade 6's Emma Martin, Georgia Tyrrell, Kendra Sherlock & Tegan Roycroft.

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