Monday, 7 January 2008

Congratulations to 13

13 of our teenage members successfully completed the exam for the Assistant Coach (Level 1) qualification on Sunday following attendance at the course, which took place in December, and a (in some cases extended) period of 'mentored' coaching. The qualification becomes official once the administration etc... has been completed although more will start to become involved almost immediately undertaking further 'mentored' coaching (i.e. coaching under the general guidance of a higher qualified coach such as Paul, Graham or Dave). The successful members were:

  • Catherine Zalicks
  • Eleanor Law
  • Emma Richardson
  • Juliette Raison
  • Lauren Raison
  • Scott Gregory
  • Stephen Page

  • Chris Hawkins
  • Emily Kingaby
  • Gemma Phillips
  • Laura Studd
  • Mark Hardiman
  • Sophie Banks &

This course was also the first BG course to be run by the club at our training venue and further courses are expected to be run later this year for both judges, level 2 and level 1 coaches.

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