Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Letchworth Grading - 13th January

An excellent day for the club as a whole with many medallists, some qualifying to higher levels of competition and others just missing out - some simply did well picking up some new personal best scores on the way.
  • Abbie Goldsmith - 2nd place & 2 new PBs
  • Anthony Williams - 1st place and new PB2 & PB3
  • Charlotte Hussey - a new PB1
  • Charlotte Toms - 3rd place and a new PB2
  • Chrissie Law - 1st place - team winner
  • Eleanor Clarke - 3rd place - team winner
  • Elizabeth Nicholls - team winner
  • Harriet Gill - 3rd place and new PB2 and PB3
  • Harry Gannon - 1st place
  • Heidi Bartlett - 1st place, new PB2 & PB3 and qualification to grade 3
  • Kallum Sherlock - 1st place and a clean sweep of new PBs
  • Lauren Wylie - 2nd place, a clean sweep of new PBs and qualification to grade 3
  • Mark Hardiman - 2nd place
  • Rebecca Martin - 2nd place, 2 new PBs and narrowly missing qualifying by just 0.1
Full results are here. Accompanying Press Release is here.

Special thanks to our officials for the day who judged (Tina & Olive) - without such volunteers we are unable to enter competitions.

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