Thursday, 16 October 2008

Competition Round-up

The past couple of weeks have seen us host the first competition in the region running the new routines and grades at Brentwood and also competing at the first official grading at Ipswich. Highlights from these competitions are as follows:

Brentwood Open
  • Under 9 Club H - Lauren Bembrick-Taylor came 3rd closely followed by Georgia Tyrell;
  • Under 11 Club H - Emma Martin won;
  • Under 11 G Reg G - Rebecca Martin came 3rd and with Tegan Roycroft (18) and Megan Gannon (16) were 3rd-placed team of 5;
  • Under 15 B Reg G - Joseph Dulieu-Hasler won this with Jamie Perry just missing in 4th place;
  • Under 15 G Reg G - Abbie Goldsmith won, Charlotte Hussey 8th;
  • Under 15 G Reg E - Lizzie Nicholls 4th;
  • Over 15 G Reg E - Georgia Walker 2nd;
  • Under 15 G Reg D - Chrissie Law 10th;
  • Over 15 G Reg D - Emma Frost 7th;
  • Boys Reg D - Daniel Frost 3rd;
None of our higher grades competed.

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Ipswich Grading
  • O15 M Reg D - Daniel Frost 3rd;
  • U15 F Reg D - Chrissie Law 1st;
  • U15 F Reg E - Lizzie Nicholls 5th;
  • U13 F Reg E - Kenise Sherlock qualified to D;
  • O15 F Reg E - Georgia Walker 5th;
  • O15 M Reg E - Mark Hardiman 6th;
  • U13 F Reg G -
  • Megan Gannon 1st;
  • Rebecca Martin 10th;
  • Emma Martin 20th
  • Team 1st of 9
  • U15 F Reg G -
  • Abbie-Jo Goldsmith 2nd and qualified to Reg F
  • Charlotte Hussey 4th and qualified to Reg F
  • U13 M Reg G -
  • Joseph Dulieu-Hasler 1st and qualified to Reg F
  • Jamie Perry 2nd and qualified to Reg F
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