Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Regional & English Selection

Following the recent regional development & squad day the club hosted, it was pleasing to hear that many of our members are being selected to represent the region at the forthcoming Inter-Regional Championships and Home Nations Championships in Hull next month.

Following nomination by Eastern Region, Scott Gregory has been selected to represent England in the Senior Male team. No other Eastern Region trampolinists were selected.

The Eastern Region team for the English National Championships comprises 15 individual and 12 synchro places to which our club is contributing no less than 11! Those selected from Brentwood include:

Over-15 Individual male
  • Scott Gregory
  • Stephen Page
Over-15 Individual female
  • Natasha Holme
Under-15 Individual female (the entire team in fact)
  • Hannah McCann
  • Charlotte Webb
  • Kensie Sherlock
  • Chrissie Law
Synchro Pairs - Over-15 male
  • Scott Gregory (with Elliot Stratton - Stephen Page is reserve)
Synchro Pairs - Over-15 female
  • Natasha Holme (with Natasha Wood)
Synchro Pairs - Under-15 female
  • Chrissie Law (with Molly Hurford)
  • Charlotte Webb (with Ellie Semon-Keene)
Congratulations to them all and good luck on 22nd/23rd November.

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