Monday, 4 October 2010

Brentwood Open Results

Results, pictures and comment are now all available on our main website. Some statistical highlights for our club entry are as follows:
  • 39 competed on the day;
  • 14 were competing for their first time (several in G);
  • 27 won trophies or team medals:
    • 5 x 1st place (Becky Tompkinson, Joe Harris, Joshua Newman, Susanna Badeley & Hannah McCann - Joshua & Hannah also won the junior & senior Cordery Form Trophies)
    • 6 x winning teams (O13 M&F H, U11 F G, U13 F G, U13 F F, O13 F F, U13 M&F E)
    • 3 x 2nd place (Faith Everett, Georgia Lewis & Chrissie Law)
    • 5 x 3rd place (Gemma Pratt, Fiona Humphries, Madison Merritt, Georgia Walker & Daniel Frost)
  • 12 new personal best scores were achieved

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