Thursday, 28 October 2010

Olympic trampolining

Coming soon right here in London will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the Olympic Trampoline finals. Rarely will you have the chance to see up close this iconic festival of sport, especially with it being right here on our doorstep, less than 17 miles away!

The top 16 men and women will perform to win the coveted gold medal only available once every four years and seen as the most desirable medal to own. There is something very special about being an Olympic Champion it ranks alongside becoming World Champion in your chosen sport.

The London Olympic finals will be held at the O2, the old Millenium Dome, named as North Greenwich Arena for the duration of the games. The dates are still provisional at this time and are set as 3rd & 4th August 2012. Ticket prices have been announced as £185, £115, £75, £40 & £20 with tickets going on sales next March. If you want to be there then book early. For £185 you might be spotting for them! There are special prices available and this includes young people who are 16 years old or younger (at 27 July 2012) will pay their age for a ticket. Seniors aged 60 and over (at 27 July 2012) will pay £16. (That's Paul!)


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